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Lemon Essential Oil for Fever

Lemon Essential Oil

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A fresh, citrus and bright, Lemon is a brain stimulant and often used in cleaning products because of its' astringent properties.

Size: 15 ml bottle

Extraction Method:  Cold-pressed from the rind of ripe yellow lemons.  One pound of essential oil is extracted from 200 pounds of rind.

Lemon essential oil has many physical and emotional benefits. The properties in lemon are anti-toxic, bactericidal, antiseptic, diuretic, anti-fungal, antiviral insecticide and immune stimulant.

Physical benefits:

 Acne, Boils, Exfoliant, Corns, Warts, Cellulite, Fever, Jet Lag, Throat & Upper Respiratory ailments, Mouth Infections, Hair Loss, Lightens Skin Pigmentation & Nosebleeds.

Emotional benefits:

Depression, Confusion, Lethargy, Brain Stimulant, & Aids in concentration.

how to use lemon essential oil


Facial Steamer: Add 4 drops to a bowl of water steam and inhale 5-10 minutes.

Massage: Add 2 drops to 4 tsp of carrier oil for local application

Diffuser: Add 10-15 drops to your diffuser


Lemon Essential Oil


Citrus limonum

Uplifting, brain stimulant, lightens pigmentation, fever, warts, acne, boils, throat and upper respiratory infections.